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Beyond its well-known React franchise, FBE develops digital and traditional formats along with interactive, branded and VR content. Freeform, E! Rafi Fine Creator. She serves on the board of directors for Grassroots Leadership and is now the first formerly incarcerated person on the board of The Marshall Project.

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Perhaps I just read it too fast to digest it properly.

Kindred One word, seven letters, but several interpretations, all with emotional impact. One race: the human race. Race as a social construct. See Live Science and Bill Nye. Plot - No Spoilers The book is easy to summarise in a way that gives no more spoilers than the first three pages and back cover. This happens several times, over twenty years of 19th century time, with the usual issues and dilemmas of time travel, but that is just the mechanism for depicting the horrors of slavery, and the complex power and sexual relationships that result, as well as exploring the source of hatred nature versus nurture , acquiescence, revenge, and the types and possibility of redemption and freedom.

Kindred is more historical and political adventure than sci-fi. And the ending is satisfying, but not ludicrously sentimental or tidy. Owning and Being Owned In , Dana is proud of her independence, having repeatedly fought to do what she wanted, rather than settle for what was expected. In the 19th century, she has to consider the terrifying risks and consequences of striving for even a tiny bit of independence.

The power-play between master and slave can acquire aspects of Stockholm Syndrome. Although the story is told by Dana and she is the central character, at least as important is Rufus Weyland, son of the plantation owner. The way his attitude and behaviour change as he grows up is echoed in the more recent The Help , though it is more complex here.

She sees the bad in him and occasionally slivers of good. Does that make it OK? Just an ordinary man who sometimes did the monstrous things his society said were legal and proper. Dana is confronted by this dilemma in a more direct and personal way. She wants to teach Rufus to think of and treat his slaves kindly, but as his views become darker and more complicated, her opinion of him is ever more conflicted - exacerbated by the power he has over her.

In , she is assumed to be a slave just because of her colour, all the more inferior because she's female.

But the fact she talks white and educated causes confusion, resentment, and conflict. And she comes to realise that even in , she is not entirely free of her heritage, despite her relative detachment from it though she has read at least some of her ten books about black history even before she has a specific need to do so.


There are similar questions for many other characters, especially slaves who consider running away in the hope of freedom or death , those who stay because they want to keep their children, and those who trade privilege and suffering such as sleeping with a boss they hate to have slightly gentler conditions. I could write a whole review about her husband, Kevin: how he - and their marriage - is changed by her experiences, and his.

But I won't this time; it's interesting and important, but secondary. The other huge aspect is ancestry, and how that defines one's identity, both in terms of racial identity, but also in terms of character. What if you are appalled by who and what your forebears do are and do? An issue those who research their family trees often have to face. Words and Language This is a book you read for the ideas and story, rather than the language. Given the setting, it would be bizarre if it were not. View all 48 comments. Apr 02, Apatt rated it it was amazing Shelves: sf-top , favorites , top I had no idea what Kindred is about prior to reading it, I previously read Octavia Butler's Wild Seed and thought it was marvelous, and Kindred seems to be her most popular work judging by Goodreads ratings.

So buying a copy of Kindred without knowing anything about it was a no-brainer. I even deliberately avoided looking at the book's synopsis before hand, I just wanted to get to know the book as I read on. I hoped for a pleasant surprise, which I did get. This is only the second Octavia Butler I had no idea what Kindred is about prior to reading it, I previously read Octavia Butler's Wild Seed and thought it was marvelous, and Kindred seems to be her most popular work judging by Goodreads ratings. This is only the second Octavia Butler book I have read and I already worship her.

Kindred is about Dana, an African American woman who finds herself time travelling involuntarily to Maryland in the early nineteenth century. It is not explained how or why this happen to her, the mechanic of it is entirely irrelevant to the story. The novel is about her experience of slavery in the past. Her fate becomes intertwined with Rufus, a white ancestor who is the only son of a plantation owner and who somehow triggers her time traveling trips every time he is in mortal danger, a situation that arises more frequently to him than to most people.

While there she experiences the woes of slavery first hand, including whipping, beating, degradation and humiliation. This is a harrowing and emotional read, I almost cry manly tears during some of the chapters. I never pondered what it may have been like to be a slave, it is not exactly a contingency which is at all likely to ever arise.

However, Ms Butler - genius that she was - made me feel it through the eyes of her protagonist. The pains and humiliation of slavery resonates with me even though there ought to be nothing to resonate. I kind of winced every time a stroke of a whip is described. This is not a comfortable read but highly engrossing and thought provoking.